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Bad Reviews 10/13/2013
2 hours to get food, order was missing something, called, no apology. girl on the phone was rude! dont waste your money! :( Emily, ordered 2 times
Bad Reviews 07/14/2013
Big Pink= BIG MESS!!! This place is HORRIBLE placed my order and waited and waited and waited NO food, then I tried calling to see if my order had left, once someone picked up had me on hold for 5 mins then hang up the phone on me. Then I tried to call back, and NO ONE picked up...I tried calling for 30mins and NOOOO answer!!! Lena, ordered 14 times
Bad Reviews 03/31/2013
Paid extra for chicken on the salad, slim to no amount in comparison to other times I have purchased this. The pulled chicken seemed like scraps from someone else's meal. NOT okay. Derek, ordered 100 times
Bad Reviews 10/02/2012
Never again! the Bread of the burger was burnt as well as the fries, they looked like the had been fried weeks before and just microwaved when the order went through! yuk never again!!! Maria, ordered 5 times
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Yelp's Reviews 1225 reviews
Yowza, this place is a little too poppin' if you're starving on the verge of eating a whole cow for brunch! I came here with two friends around 3pm, wait... read more...
Posted by Kimberly K. on

This place is pretty meh. My boyfriend and I had been meaning to come here for some time and after a long day at the beach finally decided to try it. I was... read more...
Posted by Leilah C. on

I wanted to eat here because of my friend's Instagram pictures of their towering carrot cake. The portions at Big Pink are so big, my tummy was full of... read more...
Posted by Kimberly D. on